Primal 7 Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program


Versatility is incredibly important when it comes to moving your body. This is because bodies are inherently smart and quickly adapt to exercise routines. One of the best features of Primal 7 is its versatility; no matter where you are on your journey to better movement, you can leverage the Primal 7 system to help! 

While many exercisers think of Primal 7 in a rehabilitative context for pain relief because of its unique support band, it actually can be used to improve your overall strength and flexibility. We also have programs for exercisers who want to increase their core strength, balance and flexibility. 

And now, we’re very excited to share the release of our newest routines: the Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program! 


These are great series if you feel like you want a focused strength workout, or they can be added as supplements to your exercise routine to help you be as well rounded as possible. 


What is it?

The Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program both offer workout routines to help build strength in specific muscle groups. These programs are both perfect for intermediate to advanced exercisers. We recommend that you feel confident doing all videos in the Foundations series before moving on to these programs. You can modify movements as needed, or you can challenge yourself with advanced movements.

The Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program are each made up of three key videos that fuse instruction with follow-along routines. While targeting specific muscle groups, the first video in each series focuses on alignment, or stacking the joints of the body in proper position to master movement patterns. Alignment is the foundation to good movement and proper mechanics to avoid breakdown of your body over time. 

The second video in each series focuses on practicing balance and increasing repetitions, which requires holding the alignment that you’ll practice in the first video as you access new ranges in your motion. Practicing perfect alignment and full range of motion helps set you up for success not only in your workouts, but in moving your body in daily life. 

Finally, the third video in both the Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program is an advanced level routine with a focus on coordination. These videos fuse alignment and balance to challenge your mental and muscular endurance in a set period of time. 

Led by Jenna Ellis, PT, these programs were designed to help you increase strength, balance, stability, endurance, and control – and, by extension, improve your everyday movements. 

Is this program for you?

These programs were designed for anyone who wants to...

  • increase muscular strength and endurance
  • challenge yourself with new movements 
  • Improve your overall fitness level

What to expect:

Like our other programs, the Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program series both include three videos. The videos range from 26-38 minutes long and increase in difficulty. 

Video One in each program zeroes in on alignment, Video Two adds in more repetitions and increases from two to three rounds of training while focusing on balance, and Video Three is the most advanced workout with a focus on coordination and an increased work time of 1 minute during each movement.

Since each video builds upon the video(s) before it, we encourage you to go in order and progress onwards once you feel strong and proficient with each video.  The instructor, our resident physical therapist, encourages you to make sure you are comfortable and confident before moving onto the next video. And if you do move on to a more difficult video and need to rest or modify an exercise, please do so. There is no need to push through (in fact, that can make you more susceptible to injury!). Listen to your body, set your own pace, and do what feels right for you. 

How much time will it take?

The videos in this program range from 26-38 minutes long. 

To make the correct form stick, build and maintain strength, and really reap the benefits of these programs, we recommend that you incorporate them into your routine a few times each week. You need to convince your body to change by repeating the correct movement over and over until it becomes normal!

The three videos in each program are meant to go in order, but there is no set pace. You may choose to advance to Video 2 after a month or you may find you feel ready to move on after a week. Ultimately you have to check in with yourself and progress when it feels right. 

And, keep in mind that you may need to “mix and match” videos based on your unique needs. You may be able to do Video 3 from the Upper Body Program but Video 1 for the Lower Body Program, for example. 

How to get started:

Please consult your healthcare professional before you begin any new program.

For these programs, all you’ll need is your Primal 7 system and the videos below:

Upper body program videos

Click here to visit the Upper Body Program page. Scroll down the page to find each of the three videos in this series.

Lower body program videos

Click here to visit the Lower Body Program page. Scroll down the page to find each of the three videos in this series.

About our instructor:

Jenna Ellis is a Physical Therapist. Throughout her ten-year career, she has specialized in orthopedics, post-op surgical patients and young athletes. Jenna has also worked in the homecare setting and loves getting people of all ages back to the game of life.  Prior to becoming a Physical Therapist, she was an Athletic Trainer working with high school and college-level athletes.

Jenna obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine Athletic Training from the University of South Florida in 2007 and then went on to graduate from the University of Central Florida with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010.

You can learn more about Jenna here

Jenna Ellis, Physical Therapist

We’re listening.

We hope that our Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program help you not only gain strength, but also improve your everyday movements and Conquer Your Can’t.  We’d love to hear about your progress and are always open to suggestions as to what we can do to make our programs better. Whether you want to share an update, request a new program, or give us feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can email us at or call us at 512-899-2054.

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