[PRESS] Health Clubs Nationwide are "Going Green" With Primal 7


[AUSTIN, TX - June 24, 2016] Invented by a former NFL player as a life-changing recovery solution to a career-ending injury, Primal 7 was first launched as a tool for restoring and optimizing movement for patients undergoing physical therapy. 

Austin-area clubs took notice and began looking to Primal 7 as a more versatile and accessible form of group suspension training. This led to the company’s expansion into the fitness market. Now, national franchise locations such as Gold’s Gym, the YMCA, Snap Fitness, Equinox, Anytime Fitness, and Retro Fitness are following suit, adding the signature green straps to their group fitness rooms and functional training floors. 

“Primal 7 has been a wonderful addition to our facility. We can now service a much broader population” states Elisabeth Kristof, Co-Owner at Redbird Pilates. “It is so rewarding to see how strong clients feel when they can do the exercises. And most importantly for us at RedBird, is that this equipment helps people to move properly - in right alignment and recruiting the correct muscles.”

The patented system of interchangeable, elastic bands, is what makes Primal 7 stand out among the sea of suspension options. The band offers bodyweight support and equips trainers with an empowering tool for reaching beginners, aging, injured, or obese clients. In addition, the band offers the freedom to move naturally through movements like running and jumping, without the limitation of holding on to handles. 

The company is making inclusion a priority and encourages clubs and trainers to do the same. Primal 7 CEO Victor AbiJaoudi II says “Far too many people feel intimidated, shamed, or fearful when it comes to fitness. We have an opportunity to break down barriers and show them that fitness can be safe, simple, and fun, regardless of what they think they can or can’t do.”

About Primal 7:

Primal 7 is the first suspension device to incorporate interchangeable, elastic bands for bodyweight support, making it an empowering movement tool with both clinical and fitness applications. The patented system offers safe, functional training, with a focus on natural movements and proper form, to all body types regardless of age, injury, physical disability or size. Learn more at http://primal7.com

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