Flexibility Program

Improve your flexibility, reduce the risk of future injury due to muscle tightness, and improve your ability to move more fluidly in your daily activities (includes four 18-22 min videos).

How to use these videos:

Start with Video 1 and progress to Video 2 when you are comfortable and confident. Videos 3 and 4 can be used at any time. Feel free to use one of these videos as frequently as once per day.

Video 1: Full-body Flexibility Routine and Gentle Stretches (beginner)
Video 2: Lower Body Flexibility Routine (intermediate)
Video 3: Spinal Flexibility Routine (beginner/intermediate)
Video 4: Upper Body Flexibility Routine (beginner/intermediate)

Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. While these programs have been designed by a physical therapist, they do not take the place of a professional assessment.

Learn more about flexibility on our blog:

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