Core Stability Program

Improve your posture and the ability to bend, twist and carry things with reduced risk of injury. This exercise program will gently build the abdominal, low-back and spine strength you need to move with more freedom and stability (includes three 14-19 min videos).

Here’s what to expect:

This program will take you through the “ABC’s of movement”: Week 1 focuses on Alignment, Week 2 on Balance, and Weeks 3-4 on Coordination. This progression emphasizes good form, and ensures that you progress safely from one video to the next.

Videos are 14-19 minutes long, and can be used as frequently as every other day. Feel free to spend a week or a month on each video - the pace is up to you! You can add difficulty by doing additional rounds.

Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. While these programs have been designed by a physical therapist, they do not take the place of a professional assessment.

Learn more about building core stability on our blog:

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