Better Balance Program

Improve your double and single-leg balance, improve your reaction time if you start to trip or fall, and improve your awareness of where your body is in space (proprioception). Includes three 21-23 min videos.

Here’s what to expect:

This program moves you through a series of three videos. Start with the first video in the series. When you feel comfortable and confident doing the full routine in video 1, you can move on to video 2. Likewise, repeat video 2 until you are comfortable and confident before moving on to video 3. This progression emphasizes good form, and ensures that you progress safely from one video to the next.

The videos are 21-23 minutes long, and can be used as frequently as once per day. Feel free to spend a week or a month on each - the pace is up to you!

Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. While these programs have been designed by a physical therapist, they do not take the place of a professional assessment.

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