Primary Movement Training - 8 Hours That Will Change The Way You Train


In my first year as a certified personal trainer, I studied every day in order to learn all I could about helping people exercise. After two conferences, a fitness product certification, and dozens of books I was more confused about what would be best for my clients than before I started! Each year after that I wondered: 

If we all have the same body, fundamentally, why does it feel so complicated to keep it strong and healthy?

This is the question that helped shape our first certification offering at Primal 7. With the help of dozens of personal trainers, physical therapists, and sport coaches, who all regard simplicity as the key to successful programming, we built Primary Movement Training™ (PMT). 

This one-day course is much more than a catalog of exercises for a fitness product. PMT is about helping clients feel successful with exercise quickly and arming professionals with the tools to consistently deliver that success, regardless of body type or fitness level.


No matter how many tests I passed as a young trainer, I constantly worried about misnaming a muscle when talking to other trainers. Conversely, as I began working with clients I quickly realized that they rarely even knew what I was talking about! 

In Primary Movement Training™, we introduce a common language that connects our professional jargon to the every day movements that matter most to our clients. This helps to relieve intimidation and gives clients a clear purpose for each exercise. 


After learning four exercise protocols in my first year as a trainer, it was as hard for me as it was for my clients to stick to one program long enough to see results. It wasn’t until I started developing my own templates that I was able to deliver consistent results. 

Not only will you receive our proven training templates, but armed with our ABC’s of Movement Quality and our 1-2-3 session sequencing approach, you will leave PMT with a powerful system for writing programs on and off Primal 7, for clients at any level.


Finally, Primary Movement Training™ will give you eight hours of hands-on experience using the Primal 7 System. After a full day setting up, taking down, adjusting, and training in Primal 7 you will have mastered all of the features that make our suspension tool unique. The more confident you are, the more confident your clients will be. 


If you’re anything like me, you entered the fitness industry to help as many people as possible. Not to confuse, intimidate, or overcomplicate things to a point of driving away the clients that need us the most. 

We designed Primary Movement Training™ to help you do just that. We focus on speaking clearly about movement so that everyone can understand, highlighting a successful training system that leads clients to better movement, and teaching you exactly how to use Primal 7 to support your clients in training. 

If you want more from your continuing education than just a list of exercises, join us at the next Primary Movement Training™ course. Together we can show more clients that with a little help and a clear plan, exercise can actually be pretty simple.

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