There are a lot of great companies in the suspension training space, so how do you know which suspension trainer is right for you? 

Here’s a breakdown of functionality, accessibility, and versatility to help you understand what makes Primal 7 different from traditional trainers like TRX and Jungle Gym XT.

“If TRX is a typewriter, Primal 7 is like a computer.” ­- Dave


Traditional trainers consist of two primary components: handles and straps. The only equipment adjustments you can make are to the length of the straps and the width of the handles. To modify intensity, you must alter the position of your body.

Primal 7’s patented design introduces two new components: interchangeable bands and rubberized rings. These additions allow many more options for modification, including band selection, adjusting the band height, and locking the rings for partial or no support. 

Added functionality means more possibilities for you or your clients. Instead of changing your position, Primal 7 adapts to the unique needs of each person using the system. 

“Working with this unit has allowed me and my clients to learn and master positions that would not otherwise be accessible.” ­- Garrett


Since traditional trainers only leverage gravity, they require a basic level of strength and balance to be used safely. Unfortunately, this largely excludes people who are aging, injured, obese, or simply new to exercise.

Primal 7’s performance band offers support, enabling all body types and skill levels to benefit from suspension training. The band takes some of the force of gravity off of your joints, reducing the fear of failure and empowering you to achieve proper form. 

This increased accessibility makes Primal 7 a great choice for special populations, clinical applications, corrective exercise, beginners, and weight loss transformations.  

“As a gym owner and professional trainer, I use Primal 7 on a daily basis. It’s hands-down the most useful, effective, and versatile tool in my gym.” ­ - Hank


Traditional trainers offer a wide variety of bodyweight exercises, but you have to hold onto handles to perform them. While this makes sense for things like rows, handles can be limiting and at times unnatural for movements like running, jumping, and squatting.

Primal 7’s performance band frees your hands entirely, allowing your body to move naturally through squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, sprinting, and plyometrics. Getting in and out for core work is also much simpler using the band for foot placement. 

Whether for support, resistance, or freeing your hands, the performance band makes Primal 7 a versatile tool that excels in recovery, wellness, and performance applications. 


Well, that depends on your needs. If you want to push yourself without punishing your joints, or empower clients with movements they weren’t previously capable of, you’ll want to have Primal 7 in your toolbox.

If you still need help making a decision, shoot us an email or give us a call and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. If you'd like to learn more about our Primal 7 bundles, you can head on over to our shop.

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