Here's to the women who raised us - Happy Mother's Day


“They’re the first thing that I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think about when I go to bed at night.” - Michelle Obama 

Mothers hold a very special place in our hearts here at Primal 7. While we understand that this relationship can be complex,  we also know that through the good, the bad, and the ugly, moms play an integral role in shaping who we are and how we evolve to conquer our can’ts. This Mother’s Day, we asked a few teammates to share more about the mamas in their lives, as well as their own experience being a mom. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Nancy, Customer Service 

“There are two very special women in my life, my gorgeous mother and this beautiful young lady who calls me her ‘Mama Bear.’  It was my mother who taught me to love, to work hard, always go above and beyond, and to give wholeheartedly to others. Even while battling cancer, my mother has fully supported me in every endeavor, giving all of herself, her time, and her prayers. It is because of this amazing support that I was able and willing to add this amazing teenager to my life through foster care. It is because of my mother that I have become a mother myself. I am the proud ‘Mama Bear’ to this strong, bold, and courageous young lady who once only dreamed of having a stable home, love, support, and a protector. I owe everything to my mother, especially my beautiful and amazing daughter. Mom, I can never say thank you enough!”  

Jenna, Program Director 

“Being a mom has been the biggest challenge of my life — greater than a tough grad school program, finding my way In my career, or even running my one (and only) marathon. It has been the most rewarding out of all of them, the joy our son gives me daily is indescribable. It’s been so fun reliving all the things I loved as a kid but seeing it through his eyes now. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.” 


Jamie, Community Manager

“I’m fortunate to have a wonderful mom and to be the mom to two wonderful little humans. My mom provided so much support to me and still does. I have the best memories of her cheering me on at all of my ball games, in my academics, and even in the smallest of everyday moments.  Having her unwavering confidence in my potential and my abilities has been the most incredible encouragement to show up and conquer my can’t, no matter the task at hand. And in turn, I try to instill that same confidence in my own children even though they’re very young, by supporting their interests, cheering them on, and encouraging them to keep trying even if they don’t succeed the first time. Thank you, Mom — we all love you deeply!”

Victor, CEO

“Super fantastic!” That’s how my mom responds to strangers when asked how she’s doing. And that so accurately captures the beauty and strength of the ultralight beam I get to call mom. In fact, it may be physically impossible to interact with my mom and not smile at least a little bit. 

When it comes to pursuing movement, conquering can’t, or simply striving to be a better human – I have my mom to thank. She taught us to love and value ourselves, be intentional, be kind, enjoy life, and “make our own sunshine.” She is always there – for everyone – family or not. 

As I write this, I realize Conquer Your Can’t isn’t just our company tagline, it’s the superpower my mother gave us. She truly made us believe that we could overcome any obstacle, no matter how big or small. And she celebrated any and every tiny step towards making that happen. 

Thanks mama, for being our superhero and for sharing your powers. I love you. 




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