Against all odds.

Mike had severe balance issues that caused him to fall. He was eventually diagnosed with CIDP and prescribed a cane and wheelchair. With Primal 7, he defied doctors' expectations, regained strength, and can now walk with confidence.  


A second chance, again.

Scotty died three times for a total of seven minutes. He was told to accept limited mobility for the rest of his life. After six months of Primal 7, he was able to retire his cane.


Still standing tall.

Bryan lost his left leg in a car accident. He was told that walking again would “take some time.” With Primal 7, he brought balance back to his life. Now he’s striding 12 months ahead of schedule.


Walking down the aisle.

Riding with her fiancé Joe, Vanessa was paralyzed in a car accident. Told she had a 97% chance she would never move again, Vanessa is determined to prove her quadriplegia diagnosis wrong. She will walk down the aisle one day.