Best Exercise Program Ever!

"5 Stars all the way! Let me first start off saying that I have always had trouble doing any kind of excise because I am so uncoordinated. But, not this one! I love the ease of the program, the pack and go system, the lightness of the carry bag. When I watched the how-to videos I knew that I could do it. From the very first day I could do all but one of the exercises, now I am to do all of them. I am so delighted that I could actually do it, I know that one day I will become an instructor; so that I can teach others not only to lose weight but love doing it. Oh, and it is fun, too!"

Suzanne V. 02/12/2017

Helped My Client Regain Functional Movement

"This product was just what I was looking for to help my client with MS. I train him in his home, so building strength back in his legs safely is my number one priority. After using Primal Pro 7 for just about a month my client is now able to get out of a chair and stand without sole dependence on his walker. He said it is the strongest he has felt in years and sitting and standing as well as getting out of bed and a car has become so much easier. As a trainer this is what i work for and could not be happier with the product. Thanks so much."

Michele M. 08/09/2017

Primal 7 for my house

"Great experience. I have been using Primal 7 at work (Physical Therapist) for two years. It is great for getting my patients back to full functioning and it is awesome for getting a great workout."

Will P. 02/21/2017


"We us our primal 7 every single day. I have noticed improved strength within just a couple of weeks. And it's absolutely fun to use. It makes us look forward to our workouts. Adjusting it has gotten to be second nature and requires no time at all now. We tell everyone about it and recommend for every level of user."

Bridget S.. 08/21/2017


"First of all -It is so sturdy and heavy duty - I feel really safe! I love The versatility of the exercises and the portability is amazing! I got one for my husband as he is on tour traveling so he wouldn’t stress about finding gyms and he is so impressed! Thank you for designing such awesome equipment. My husband and I have lost over 100 lbs combined and We’re looking forward to taking our fitness to the next level!!!"

Kelly L. 03/24/2017

Primal 7 Plus

"I really like how the Primal 7 plus resistance bands help you do pull-ups and pushups. I ordered the Plus because I weigh a little over 200 lbs. I wanted to make sure the resistance bands could handle my weight, because really I was thinking, "Yeah, right, I'm sure they aren't as strong as they claim." Each band is rated, P1 Performance Band (up to 175lbs.), P2 Performance Band (up to 275lbs.), P3 Performance Band (up to 400lbs.). BELIEVE the weight ratings. I tried the P3 first and it would NOT give an inch with my weight. I went down to the P2 and it works great for doing pull-ups, standing on it with my full weight, giving me the lift I need to pull-up to the bar. For pushups, the P1 might be better for me, but I don't want to take the time out of my routine to change bands. I still get a workout, that's for sure. Thank you Primal 7 for giving those of us who are out of shape and /or older options for great workouts at home!"

Heidi S. 08/09/2017

Love my Primal 7!

"This is the best system ever – I use my Primal 7 daily & am teaching my teenagers how to use it also. They love it! "

Anonymous 02/11/2017

Great piece of equipment

"I love the Primal 7 system. It meets you where you are at physically. The system is easy to use and has unlimited options. I enjoyed meeting Brian and hearing his story. I have bought my brother-in-law the system for his birthday. I introduced the system to one of my friends and it has improved his overall health."

Rex H. 06/22/2017

Love this equipment

"I have been using the primal7 for about 1 week now and feel this is the exercise equipment I have been looking for! It is easy to setup, easy to use and it offloads an injured knee I have been dealing with. I love this and the fact that it is so portable that I can take it on the road to allow me to work out anywhere!"

MIchelle N. 08/11/2017

On the road

"The Primal 7 is awesome for people who travel on business. You get a good work out at the time of your choosing. Love it."

Pat G. 04/14/2017

Great suspension trainer!

"Excellent design for all levels of use from rehabilitation to performance development!"

Anonymous 08/21/2017

Primal 7

"It has kept me interested in working out as it feels so different and fun. I really enjoy more as I use it."

Anonymous 08/17/2017

Love It!

"I try to use my Primal 7 3-4 times a week. I love that it is so mobile that I can take it anywhere that has a door."

Margaret M. 02/14/2017

Primal 7 Pro

"I love it. It is easy to use and fun!"

Sandie C.  

Great tool for training!

"I ordered the Primal 7 and recently got certified. It is a great tool to use for clients with injuries, those who need a bit of assistance, and those who just want to switch up their work outs. Easy to set up, and great instructional booklet to keep handy."

Anonymous 02/11/2017

Worth the Investment

"Using our Primal 7 Pro is amazing. We Love how the suspension system supports your body while allowing you to still exercise. We have used several suspension systems before but Primal is by far our favorite. Thanks Primal!!"

Anonymous 07/25/2017

Wonderful for arthritic knees

"I have been unable to do squats for some time because of osteoarthritis in my left knee. The Primal 7 is great because it helps me do those movements in a totally supported way. I feel like Im well on my way to recovering a lot more support and movement. Thank you!!"

Anonymous 08/29/2017