The other day we caught up with Nikki Boudreaux of Greaux Fit--an online fitness and nutrition program designed to inspire folks to live happier, healthier, and stronger lifestyles--to get her input on both the fitness industry as it stands today, and her experience using Primal 7.

In addition to being a self-proclaimed goofball and obsessive fitness fanatic, Nikki is a former United States Marine Corps Officer, a nationally-ranked physique competitor, and an all-American collegiate athlete with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Biology--and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Basically, she’s an all around super badass with a ton of valuable (and hilarious) info. to share. Enjoy!

What made you decide to get into the business of movement?

I went to school for Exercise Physiology/Biology, but couldn't decide whether I wanted to be a coach or a personal trainer, so I joined the Marines. After that, I got into fitness and found out how awesome it was to help people change their lives.

What would you say sets you apart from other trainers?

I'm a Marine. Forbes voted the USMC Officer Candidate School the best leadership training program in America in the recent past, and I take great pride from being an Officer of Marines because it taught me HOW TO LEAD. I don't just dish off some dumb ass program and expect them to blindly follow. I help them transition their lifestyle towards a healthier one, while encouraging them to be better not just at the gym, but in life. Some people just need help making a plan that works for them!

Additionally, I have a very rich and diverse athletic background in competing, coaching, and training. I know what it takes to be competitive on every level of fitness, but I also know what it means to start from ground zero; ramping up from being in a wheelchair to getting in the best shape of your life. I help my clients kick life in the ASS!

That brings me to my next question: What type of training do you specialize in?


Ha! Perfect. I could use some of that. What’s the demographic of your clients?

25-40, female and male.

When did you start using Primal 7?

Last year; 2015.

Do you use it more with individuals or groups?


And who do you see benefitting the most from Primal 7?

The highly trained, the young, the old, and the average bear! Oh wait, that's everybody! Seriously, this is a great tool to help get people moving, keep people moving, and can also catapult your conditioning to the next level. You can't beat that.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. What have you found most surprising about Primal 7?

That it was lime green. Didn't expect that one. Whew!

We’re full of surprises. How do your clients experience Primal 7?

My clients experience the Primal completely virtually! First, I send them to the FAQ videos that Primal 7 put together, so they can get the basics down and get their unit up. Second, I send the demonstration video workout over and they do it! Pretty sweet! My clients will FaceTime me usually for questions about their form, and “am I doing this right?” questions. If they have questions about their unit specifically, either I can answer or Primal 7 actually has great customer support!

How about you? What do you like best about Primal 7?

I think the band is what makes this unit special. No other piece of equipment that I have come across offers this type of support for my low back, and it has been instrumental in opening up my hips, as well as core strength development.

That’s so great! What has your experience been like using Primal 7 in your home?

I use the primal much differently in the home than I do in the gym.

Home - core + flexibility + yoga-focused

Gym - core + power + plyometric-focused

Do you think Primal 7 is safe?

Safer than TRX, that's for damn sure. I like how they have all the covers over the metal for added safety, too.

What’s your favorite success story?

Coming to America with Eddie Murphy

You just won the award for best answer to that question. What keeps you motivated to move, and how do you motivate others?

I have 10 screws and a metal plate holding my pelvis together. The moment I stop moving, I start getting crusty and old. I don't want to be crusty and old. I motivate others by leading from the front. If I can get crushed in a tin can, break my pelvis, and still manage to Greaux Fit then they can get their non-broken ass moving and see just how great it feels to move!

Well said. Which Primal 7 exercise is your favorite?


What do you wish more people knew about movement/fitness?

If you don't use it, you lose it. Especially, when it comes to core strength and flexibility.

What do you do when don’t feel like working out?

When I don't feel like working out I check in with myself and say, "Okay am I fatigued/injured or am I lacking motivation?” If i'm fatigued, I listen to my body and do something that will either promote recovery or simply rest. If I'm lacking motivation, then I just start small, trying to build a little momentum and eventually I will get into it.

I tell myself:

Just get to the gym. - gets to gym, picks motivating music, feeling a lil sluggish.

Just get this 5 minute warm up in. - picks easiest machine, starts slow pace, music is kicking in, starting to feel a little better now that the blood is flowing.

Just get this one exercise in. - increase mental chatter, let's do this, you got this, let's see how the weights feel, oh man this feels lighter than I thought.

Okay let's add this exercise to it and take it up a notch - BOOM I'M IN!!!!!!!! It's a great feeling to know that YOU WON! YOU MADE IT TO THE GYM AND YOU'RE KICKING ASS!

That’s awesome. A lot of people don’t realize how big of an impact our thoughts have on getting us moving. What makes an effective workout?

Did you get your heart rate up? Did you sweat? Did you feel the burn? If you answered yes to all three, YOU WORKED OUT.

What do you think the fitness industry be doing better?

1. Not Photoshop the hell out of all the models they use for print and digital ads; slimming the waist, altering body parts, etc.  

2. Be more transparent about ingredients used in supplements; no more "proprietary blend" crap; I need to know the ingredients, in case i'm allergic? Could be chicken shit in there for all I know!

[Laughs] Very true. Why do you think exercise is so important?

Exercise is the fountain of youth. Your body is similar to a car. If you don't drive it for a while, the car may not start or have other issues from lack of use. If you don't exercise and keep everything moving around, you're going to find yourself in sad shape and feeling much older than your age with back and joint pain, and unable to do basic things like get up off the floor.  Stiff and miserable sounds like a great way to spend your "golden years", right?  Hell no! I think i'll try to squeeze 30-60 minutes of movement in 3-4x a week, FOR LIFE. #ForeverYoung

What'd you eat today?

3 eggs, biscuit, brisket, ground beef + potato, 2 protein shakes, 1 banana, 3 glasses of milk, 2 cookies, chicken + green beans + 1 gallon of water, and I'm still hungry

Ha, that’s all? What’s the one thing you tell your clients that you wish you could tell everyone?

Don't wait to start moving. Fitness is not a fad people, it's life! We gotta take care of the temple. Some people think they are just gonna be young forever, and that somehow they will magically stay in shape without watching what they eat or putting energy into their bodies. Well, that's just plain wrong. Creeping obesity is real, y’all. That scale is moving up 5 pounds every year, and it ain't just "water weight"; multiply that by 10 years and that's 50 extra pounds you're hauling around!

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